Immersion Programs

April TBD 2021 (Athletics and Team Sport Tracks)

Rana Reider is arguably the best sprints coach in the country and has a proven track record of producing athletes and improving performance. The Immersion Program isn't for everyone, it's a bespoke solution for coaches who demand an educational experience that is without gimmicks and hype. Enrollment is limited and the format (teaching style) is based on each class.

Also, guests such as Dr. Paul Brice, Marco Airale, and other experts will help guide each session to reinforce the principles of coaching and training.

Topics include:

Technical versus Force-Velocity Profiles, sensory plyometrics, metabolic power, acceleration capacity, kinematic analysis, real-time therapy, planning, and training design.


If you are interested in education, please use the contact page to get started.

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