Injuries are common with olympic sport athletes, since maximum performance often requires athlets to push their bodies to the breaking point. In addition to the demands of the sport, many athletes will find themselves with lingering problems, incomplete rehabilitation, and misdiagnosis to old injuries. If a speed athlete is not completely healed he or she can't be performing at their best no is improvement likely. Most of the best therapists in the country or internationally are expensive and don't take insurance if the athlete has insurance to begin. Spikes Only understands this and has solutions-


  • Sponsorship based on your level of ability and recent performances for travel and therapy costs of world class soft tissue treatment.


  • Complementary return to competition strategies for those who have completed therapy with our network.


  • Regeneration support with our training camps and loaner equipment such as EMS units and access to Normatec recovery devices.


Please use the contact page to get started for any of the three above needs.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 

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