Getting the right guidance to a sprinter or hurdler is not easy, since it may require relocation, coaching fees, and some trial and error over a frew months or more. Most developing athletes simply don't have the budget to pay private coaches and that usually means the results are mixed at best. With NCAA rules restricting the access to some of the top college coaches, post college athletes are forced to go to a professional coach or try to work with their former coaches, something that isn't easy when they could be the only one in a training group or are limited to difficult hours of training. What we do is proivde athletes with the following:


  • Suggested network of coaches in your area if you are working and need someone with vested interest into you if available.


  • Correspondence training outlines for workouts for a temporary time period along with video analayis and or physiological monitoring.


  • Domestic and International meet support with travel expenses and options if one is not working with an agent.


Please use the contact page to get started for any of the three above needs.

Coaching and Career Development

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